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More and more people are turning to electronic means to handle their financial responsibilities therefore, it is necessary to take precautions to protect your identity.

True or False?

1. Its ok if I carry my Social Security card with me. Identity thieves need
far more than this number to successfully my identity.
            True or False
2. By shredding a lot of mail that contains my personal information on it, I am
helping to deter potential dumpster divers, who might take my mail and
steal my identity.
            True or False    
3. I don’t need to check my credit that often; I know its rock solid and I live in
a safe community where identity thieves aren’t likely to strike.
            True or False
4. I can use passwords like my birthday, my mother’s maiden name, or the
last four digits of my Social Security number when I’m online.
            True or False
5. If I think my identity has been stolen, I need to close any accounts that
have been tampered with, place a “Fraud Alert” on my credit reports, file a
police report, and contact the Federal Trade Commission to file a
            True or False
6. If I don’t enter my personal information online, I probably don’t have to
worry about identity theft.
            True or False